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iSMARTS Cataloging & Inventory (iSMARTS/ CDM) is a flexible and intelligent cataloging and directory management module that is an important constituent of iSMARTS Applications especially where iSMARTS suite is used for internet enabling traditional ERP back-ends. The iSMARTS/ CDM helps iSMARTS complement a variety of ‘parts inventory oriented’ ERP implementations to be internet enabled for e-sales and e-procurement and also interface to B2B mechanisms and trading exchanges etc.

iSMARTS/ CDM supports catalog organization, catalog categorization, unified cataloging, buyer specific views, supplier specific views, multiple product attributes, flexible pricing mechanisms, powerful catalog searches, catalog building and re-organization tools, organized purchase stores, organized sales stores, self-service catalog management, catalog content management services, distributed catalog support etc. Catalog building and loading can be in multiple stages and with due authorizations. The application supports staged cataloging, catalog authoring and publishing, supplier hosted catalogs, bulk catalog loading tools, catalog re-organization and editing tools, XML based catalog synchronization, XML enabled catalog editing and authoring for web-based and application to application catalog building and updates etc.

Some of the main features and value added benefits include:

   Buyer/ Supplier/ Trading Partner Specific Catalog Management
   Comprehensive Catalog and Store Building Tools
   Multi-level Product Structuring, Classification and Segmentation
   Multiple Product Attributes and Relationships Management
   Bulk Catalog Uploads – XML, Excel Spreadsheets, etc.
   Forward/ Deferred/ Stepped Pricing Support
   Online Supplier Specific Price Comparisons
   Remote Catalog Administration and Updates


iSMARTS provides comprehensive inventory management functionality to help your organization improve inventory efficiency and accuracy. The solution offers immediate benefits of reduced costs on inventory and streamlined production and supply chain processes across your enterprise.

iSMARTS/ INV facilitates decision making and control on inventory by providing a collaborative framework to effectively manage finished goods inventory, parts inventory, inventory linkages, inventory write-offs, interface to production, sales orders, costing and purchase etc.

iSMARTS/ INV - Inventory Solution provides an intuitive portal-based access to manage inventory processes and delivers customized information and real-time visibility into inventory costs and operations thus enabling collaborative and streamlined inventory processes in your enterprise.

Multi-Dimensional Inventory Mechanisms of iSMARTS allow parts and finished goods inventories to intelligently wire-up to today’s collaborative Supply Chain and Intelligent Fulfillment Mechanisms

Some of the main features and value added benefits include:

   Improved Finished Goods and Parts Inventory Management
   Efficient Document Management for Goods Issue and Receipts
   Multiple Warehouse Support for Streamlined Distribution
   Effective Goods Monitoring and Control Mechanisms
   Real-time Stock Synchronization and Updates
   Stock Management by Quantity/Value and Returned Goods Alerts
   Interface to Sales, Procurement, Financials & Manufacturing
   Built-in Planning & Analysis for Optimum Stock Maintenance
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