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iSMARTS/ CRM is a comprehensive suite of modules which work collaboratively to provide wide range of customer relationship management functionalities towards managing customers, prospects, sales, services and other key functions affecting the organizations bottom line and growth.

iSMARTS/ CRM provides comprehensive customer relationship creation and enhancement tools, customer profiling mechanisms and most importantly customer care functionalities. In addition to sales and service oriented functionalities, these value-add-features contribute to increased customer base and also improved customer relationships which then result in increased sales potential & revenue growth. Customer profiling and intelligence helps in forecasting & planning abilities to ensure excellence in customer satisfaction and also presents opportunities for reducing costs, streamlining customer processes and enhancing revenue channels.

Some of the main features and value added benefits include:


Customized Self-Service
iSMARTS provides a portal based solution that delivers personalized experience and 'anytime-anywhere' accessible system to customers. Customers are able to use on-demand 24/7 efficient self-service features to launch new requests, browse knowledge base articles and even resolve trivial problems themselves, only escalating the unresolved requests.

Improved Service Request Management
iSMARTS enables complete management of customer request right from request initiation to successful resolution. It provides the functionality to make new requests, track or update requests, request assessment and prioritization, assignment and allocation and communication management.

Full featured Product Catalog
iSMARTS enables support/ service personnel to work with a full featured product catalog that provides real-time product, pricing and discount information to accelerate the request capture and resolution process.

On-Demand Knowledge Base Accessibility
iSMARTS provides real-time accessibility to customers to navigate the knowledge base items quickly and find the information most relevant to their needs. An advanced search engine with customizable filters helps to easily locate the relevant information items within the knowledge base.

Automation Tools & Scheduler
iSMARTS supports full email automation for tracking, generating and sending emails to customers. Efficient scheduling enables the system to operate bulk jobs without the need of human intervention. The service portal generates timely reminders in the form of alerts and emails for both the service personnel as well the customer to accelerate request resolution.

360 degree Customer View
iSMARTS provides extensive graphical analytical reporting for customer detailing vital customer information. It enables deep insight into customer request history, current requests, size of customer orders and customer preferences along with the identification of prospect customers for up-selling and promotions and support for campaign management.

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring
iSMARTS helps you enhance your customer satisfaction by providing monitoring tools such as customer service and survey forms that enable you to measure the effectiveness of the services rendered and take corrective actions where possible.

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