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iSMARTS/ HRMS is a powerful and strategic human resources management solution, which sets and exemplifies performance behaviors, productivity, ownership and accountability that drive individual norms towards collective corporate citizenship of excellence.

iSMARTS/ HRMS supports various functionalities for the human resources department, towards improved executive and administrative management and also provides self service functions for individual employees. It provides organized and personalized access via portals such as executive portal, human resource management portal, payroll-management portal and administrative portal in addition to the self service portal for employees.

It is highly scalable and can be used globally in a single instance or multi-instance mode based on topological and infrastructure preferences of the organization. It supports various international and strategic business units of the organization spread over multiple countries.

Some of the main features and value added benefits include:

Helps manage Enterprise-Wide Diversified Workforce
   Supports Multiple Countries, Languages, Cultures, Regulations & Localizations
   Uses the Power of Internet to Dynamically & Collaboratively Manage Global Workforce
   Improves Enterprise-Wide Availability & Mobility of Resources
   Ensures Timely Deployment of Appropriate Resources
   Supports Human Resources Classification, Grouping & Hierarchical Organization
   Allows Various Types of ‘Entity Relationships’ (e.g. Hierarchical, Relational, Dotted-Line)
   Supports Alternate Workforce Resources
   Improves Information Distribution & ‘Collaborative Intelligence’
   Streamlines Strategic Corporate Initiatives (SCI & KPI)
   Improves Workforce Productivity & Responsiveness
   Inculcates Sense of Ownership & Belonging
   Develops Culture of Objective Management as against Administrative Bureaucracy
   Supports Global, Regional and local HR Activities and Events
   Automates Administrative Workflow to Reduce Overheads & Costs
   Provides ‘Self Service Features’ at all levels to Reduce Delays & Improve Efficiency
   Provides Various Types of Executive, Administrative & Self Service Portals
   Includes Extensive Analytical & Reporting Tools


iSMARTS/axis Payroll Automation Solution is an integrated solution catering to payroll processing needs of different industries. It consists of various deployment options for payroll processing including application service provider (ASP) deployment model that can be offered by banks or payroll processing companies to their customers. It overcomes the shortfalls of traditional payroll payment processing through high-end functionality that enable companies and banks to collaborate efficiently in a highly automated and secured manner to perform payroll processing activities.

iSMARTS/axis Payroll Automation Solution is a next-generation, customer focused, multi-corporate, multi-location, and multi-bank payroll processing system.

iSMARTS/axis Payroll Automation Solution is a leading edge solution providing payroll processing capabilities to the corporate customers for seamless processing of payroll payments, corporate and bank approval workflows, integration with multiple bank products and customer legacy systems.

iSMARTS/axis Payroll Automation Solution reduces the complexity in payroll processing and payment cycles for corporate customers irrespective of size of workforce and provides efficient cash management resulting out of reduced floats on settlement amounts. The solution encompasses wide range of functions for managing diverse needs of corporate customers, banks, payroll processing companies. It is built on robust technological platform for high performance and scalability.

Some of the main features and value added benefits include:

   Payroll Payment Processing
   Support for Industry Standard Payroll Formats
   Configurable Multi-level Approval Workflow
   Consolidation of Payroll Payments
   Payroll Payment Reconciliation
   Industry Standards Security Support (PGP, GPG, etc.,)
   Support for 2 Factor Authentication
   Support for ASP, Corporate deployment model
   Seamless Integration with Banks BO Systems
   Seamless Integration with External Agencies
   Computational Rule Builder
   Template based Payment Creation
   Payment Analytics and Business Intelligence Reports
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