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Procurement & SCM

iSMARTS Procurement & SCM provides you the ability to establish streamlined supply chain processes that truly enable the ‘procure-to-pay’, ‘plan-to-produce’ and ‘order-to-receive’ functionality in your organization. iSMARTS supply chain solutions help you find new opportunities for cost reduction, process improvisation and intelligent fulfillment. iSMARTS solutions help to introduce efficiency and collaboration in the supply chain for achieving improved customer/ supplier interactions, enhanced procurement, optimized inventory and flexibility & support for global business processes.

iSMARTS/ Procurement & SCM provides functionalities starting right from defining the purchase requisition, through until the final receipt of goods into the stores and their payments.

Streamlined Procurement Processes
iSMARTS/ eProc provides various functionalities to cover the purchase and intelligent procurement functions at various department and organization levels including the complete procurement and associated finance hierarchy for different business user roles from purchase requisition to payments clearance.

Value Add Procurement & SCM Features
iSMARTS/ eProc provides various value add features that enable procurement aggregation, auto-procurement thresholds, procurement performance measurement, right-in-time supplies and demand driven intelligent supply chain management for intelligent fulfillment.

Advanced Supplier Integration
iSMARTS/ eProc provides various supplier integration functions for complete procure to pay functionality based on state-of-the-art technology for improved supply chain management and also supplier relationship management. iSMARTS/ eProc can help organizations manage the Procurement functions and enables the organization with the following benefits

Major Functions

   Purchase/ Buyer Registration
   Catalog Structuring
   Buyer Specific Views and Stores
   Catalog/ Store Building
   Catalog Price Management
   Superior Acknowledgement and Approval Functions
   Optimized Selection of Suppliers/ Materials
   Buyers/ Procurement Functions & Interfaces
   Product Browsing and Search
   Buyers (Reverse) Auction
   Receiving Functions
   XML Support for Interfaces

Some of the benefits include:

   Managing a Paperless Workflow (for Internal Processes)
   Provides a Platform to Lower Cost of Procurement
   Provides the Aggregation Benefits and Associated Efficiencies to the Organization.
   Provides End-to-End Control and Transparent Supervision over the Purchasing Function
   Provides an Objective Basis to Measure Procurement Performance
   Synchronizes the Demand and Availability of Materials and Services more accurately

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