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iSMARTS Sales and Distribution (iSMARTS / SD) is an integral part of iSMARTS collaborative suite of business applications. The solution provides complete ‘order-to-receive’ functionality and enables organizations to accelerate their order fulfillment processes and thus provide more value to their customers and strengthen their business relationships.


Complete Foundation for a Sales Driven and Customer Focused Organization
The iSMARTS/ SD solution offers rich productivity features that give the right boost to order fulfillment personnel to meet their commitments to customers effortlessly, efficiently and on time. Seamless integration capabilities to interface to planning, distribution & receivables systems ensure intelligent inputs for streamlined supply chain and inventory operations.

Market Driven Value Added Mechanisms
The iSMARTS/ SD solution provides various value-added mechanisms such as on-demand order accessibility, intelligent forecasting and complete customization features that ensure that the sales personnel process the order data efficiently so that the order is processed and fulfilled as scheduled. The solution enables you to reduce time-to-market and extend business opportunities across wider horizons. iSMARTS order fulfillment solutions provide the right impetus to organizations to improve order processes & meet customer expectations on time.

Some of the main features include:

   Enhanced Order Capturing and Processing
   Real-Time Order and Shipment Tracking
   Receipts Automation & Updating
   Multi Country/ Currency/ Language Support
   Accurate Forecasting of Delivery Schedules
   Extensive Ageing Analysis
   Interface to Planning, Inventory, Receivables & Distribution
   Single Sign-on Secure Workgroup Access
   Complete ‘Order-to-Receive’ Functionality
   360 º   View of Customer Order Information

Some of the benefits include:

   Streamlined Order Processes
   Efficient Fulfillment Mechanisms
   Self-Service Portal Packs
   Improved Sales Intelligence
   Personalized User Experiences
   Comprehensive Sales Analysis and Reporting


Distribution Management
The iSMARTS Distribution Management application provides a set of features which enable an organization to operationally manage its distributors, channel partners and any such secondary and indirect sales channeling and distribution arrangements. This application is useful for managing the contractual obligations of distributor with respect to sales & delivery logistics to end customer, collections, discount & credit management, payments and even sales & procurement forecasting etc. This provides a singular view on all information that is crucial to managing the terms of engagement and actual performance by various distribution entities.

Warehouse Management
The application monitors and controls the physical movement of the goods between the various warehouses of the organization. This covers all the processes from managing the incoming goods till the time of dispatch. It also caters to reservation & allotment system for dispatch of goods to specified customers and distributors. The ultimate mandate of the warehouse management is to make the goods available, at the right time, at the right delivery place, while all the time maintaining an optimum balance of inventory.

Both the applications taken together manage the total process of sales and delivery to the ultimate customer through the distributor.

Some of the main features include:

   Setting up of Distribution as Sales Channel
   Multiple Channel Management (C&F Agents/Distributors/Stockists)
   Multi-Channel Distribution Planning
   Integrated Logistics Management (Transport, Freight)
   Requisition Limit/ Quota by Distributor
   Distributor Pricing/ Payment Position
   Distributor Credit Limits
   Distributor Discounting Profile
   Distributor Performance Reporting
   Distributor Forecast/ Forecast Authorization
   List of Transporting Companies
   Global Shipment Planning & Execution
   Shipment Tracking and Status
   Real-time Data Synchronization
   Enhanced Document Management
   Distributor/ Channel based Reporting
   Interface to Sales, Planning and Inventory
   Interface to Distribution Channel Management

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