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Specialized Healthcare Applications

iSMARTS/axis Specialized Healthcare Applications include applications such as specialty clinics management or pharmacy management. It also provides value add functionalities such as corporate healthcare management, patient relationship management, events, promotions campaigns, etc.

iSMARTS Specialized Healthcare Applications are built on robust J2EE architecture and is highly scalable. It can be deployed on major popular platforms and extended to scale up to the current and future business requirements.

iSMARTS Specialized Healthcare Applications provide support for modular implementation that enables healthcare companies to select and deploy modules from the solutions suite. Such modules can be configured to work in an integrated manner with existing applications, thereby maximizing the returns from investments for the healthcare company.

The system is configured for high performance and handling large transaction volumes. iSMARTS Specialized Healthcare Applications have the flexibility for scaling up to dynamic business requirements of healthcare companies.Distributed component based architecture enables On Demand Service Model for rapid global implementations at multiple sites with custom configurations as required by the unique business needs of healthcare companies in each location.

Some of the main features include:

    Specialty Clinics Management
    Pharmacy and Stores Management
    Hospital Chain Management & Clustering Applications
    Corporate Healthcare Management
    Insurance and Claims Management
    Advanced Patient-care and Relationship Management
    Health Risk & Safety Management
    Preventive Healthcare / Wellness Services Support Management
    Events, Packages & Promotions Management
    Business Intelligence
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