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Data Consolidation, Analytics and Reporting Solutions

iSMARTS Enterprise Data Consolidation, Analytics and Reporting Solution provides tools and utilities to capture and integrate data from internal and external sources and presents rich interactive dashboards and reports using advanced Business Intelligence analytics to your enterprise to put data insights into actions .

Data Consolidation Solutions

iSMARTS Enterprise Data Consolidation Solution provides Collaborative components for automated & rule based data acquisition, authentication, validation, filtering, translation, transformation, formatting, partitioning, segmentation, integration, extrapolation, storage, secure retention and processing & analysis of data.

Some of the main features include:

   Comprehensive rules driven consolidation with automatic aggregations and adjustments
   Configurable and inter-operable with ERPs, business applications and other systems
   Rule-based information validation and exception processing
   Configurable options for information consolidation and reporting at enterprise & entity level
   Advanced features to efficiently define and monitor enterprise key performance indicators (KPI)
   Executive information dashboard with business analytics and reporting

Other value added features include:

   Fine grained access controls for managing data across all layers of the platform
   Interoperability with multiple data sources and data streams
   Enhanced audit and compliance capabilities
   Improved automation and increased digitalization for high productivity
   Advanced enquiry and reporting features with configurable data filters

Data Analytics / BI Solutions

iSMARTS Enterprise Data Analytics/BI Solutions provide Comprehensive data consolidation & adaptive analytics by taking into consideration diverse data aspects such as volume, value variety, velocity, volatility, veracity, variance & validity of the data and use of appropriate analytical algorithms to deliver actionable intelligence and business insights to enterprises.

Some of the main features include:

   State-of-the-art and unified solutions to manage multi-source diverse data
   Comprehensive features with built-in machine learning tools for predictive analytics
   Configurable features for rule-based and multi-level data reconciliations
   Advanced utilities for comparing or merging data from disparate sources
   Configurable workflow features for data review methodologies and processes
   Advanced graphical data visualization tools for intuitive analysis
   Unique features for data modeling and simulation to gain valuable insights into processes
   Configurable and On demand multi-dimensional performance reporting
   Advanced and configurable features for enterprise-data security and access controls

Other value added features include:

   Fine grained access controls for managing data across all layers of the platform
   Business rules driven automated data preprocessing
   Advanced AI capabilities through secure mechanisms to route data to external systems
   Customizable, intuitive and graphical dashboards with drill down capability
   Supports communication features through data driven event notifications and alerts
   Configurable platforms with robust, secure and scalable architecture

Information Reporting Solutions

iSMARTS Enterprise Information Reporting Solutions provide Comprehensive analytics combined with configurable reporting abilities for various types of on demand, event based and scheduled reporting needs for operational, analytical and executive reporting.

Some of the main features include:

   Comprehensive features to configure & generate multiple types of reports
   Advance features to export secure data in multiple file formats for multiple systems
   State-of-the-art report designer tool for standard and custom reports development
   Advanced, customizable and intuitive dashboards with user preferences
   Interactive reporting with options to filter, sort, and drill down to the most minute details
   Advanced features for regulatory and compliance reporting
   Configurable templates with necessary filters for custom reporting
   Advanced search functionality using multiple search criteria
   Comprehensive features to download the reports in multiple file formats

Other value added features include:

   User friendly and intuitive report designer and visualizer
   Features to schedule reports to be delivered through various delivery channels
   Configurable and segregated access controls to users for reports
   Comprehensive event based alerts and notifications on reporting
   Configurable features to deliver the key reports securely through encryption
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