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Payables Management

The Payables Management solution is a part of iSMARTS suite of products. Used from the perspective of a financial institution such as bank (acting as payment facilitator entity on behalf of the banks customer), it offers various functionalities to the bank, the banks customer (buyer) and the customer's customers (sellers).

The main objectives of solution include streamlining of workflow and operational processes between the Financial Institution (bank), buyer, and the sellers so as to permit, facilitate and streamline following important work flows - (i) outsourcing of payables activities by the buyer to the bank (ii) invoice presentment by seller to bank and buyer (iii) matching of presented invoices and payables information by bank, (iv) timely payments by the bank by electronic means by the bank on behalf of buyer and (v) any exception handling including dispute management.

The solution provides adequate workflows, application functionality and respective portal functionality to facilitate the above so that the bank / financial service provider can effectively and efficiently act as a facilitator for the buyer to lower the overheads, avoid erroneous and or delayed payments, improve the available window to make validated payments thus overall reducing the cost of doing business and improve profitability.

The solution provides various means for bank to provide the value addition in the role of facilitator thus improving their revenue model and also increasing their market share as the banking transactions facilitator.

Some of the main features and value added benefits include:

   Automated Payment Cycle
   Improvement in Pre-Payment Validations
   Reduction in Erroneous Payments
   Improvement in Available Window to Validate and Pay
   Automation of Functions between Seller, Buyer and Bank
   Paperless Transaction or Reduced Paper-based Operational Flow
   Optional Auto-Manual Workflow for Approvals and Pre-View Functions
   Lower Number of Disputes
   Faster Dispute Resolution
   Ability to Interactively Resolve Dispute at Line Item Level
   Matching Abilities
   Improved Reconciliation
   Improved Operational and Approval Workflow
   Improved Documentation Control and Workflow
   Configurable Alerts
   Reporting Features for Seller, Bank and Buyer
   Customized Portals for Entities with Appropriate Workflow based on Access-Rights
The solution is based on scalable J2EE architecture using open systems deployment platform. The solution works in a collaborative manner. It is supplemented with other technology and integration products such as EdiX. The solution is available on Oracle and IBM technology components for RDBMS and Application platform and NT/Linux operating systems.
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