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iSMARTS Supply Chain Management Solutions
iSMARTS provides you the ability to establish streamlined supply chain processes that truly enable the ‘procure-to-pay’, ‘plan-to-produce’ and ‘order-to-receive’ functionality in your organization. iSMARTS supply chain solutions help you find new opportunities for cost reduction, process improvisation and intelligent fulfillment. iSMARTS solutions help to introduce efficiency and collaboration in the supply chain for achieving improved customer/ supplier interactions, enhanced procurement, optimized inventory and flexibility & support for global business processes.

Procurement – iSMARTS/ eProc
iSMARTS/ eProc provides functionalities starting right from defining the purchase requisition, through until the final receipt of goods into the stores and their payments. iSMARTS/ eProc provides various functionalities to cover the purchase and intelligent procurement functions at various department and organization levels including the complete procurement and associated finance hierarchy for different business user roles from purchase requisition to payments clearance.

Distribution – iSMARTS/ DM
iSMARTS/ DM provides a set of features which enable an organization to operationally manage its distributors, channel partners and any such secondary and indirect sales channeling and distribution arrangements. This application is useful for managing the contractual obligations of distributor with respect to sales & delivery logistics to end customer, collections, discount & credit management, payments and even sales & procurement forecasting etc. This provides a singular view on all information that is crucial to managing the terms of engagement and actual performance by various distribution entities.

iSMARTS offers in-depth forecasting abilities made possible by intelligent built-in analytical engine. iSMARTS collects data from Sales Orders, Customers, Financials and Inventory in order to provide valuable and accurate demand forecasting abilities which enable you to increase production with optimum levels of inventory and make better business decisions to further improve the supply chain to meet the changing needs of your customers.

Interface to Sales Orders
iSMARTS provides seamless interface to order fulfillment to improve sales order visibility across the global supply chain. The linkage to sales order information offers valuable and real-time insight into sales data and aids in demand forecasting. The interface to sales orders provides the vital link to maintain and accelerate the distribution and fulfillment mechanisms so that the supply chain is synchronized across business operations.

Interface to Manufacturing
iSMARTS Supply Chain solutions interface to manufacturing in order to collaborate the procurement and fulfillment process with product planning, configuration and manufacturing in order to maximize resource utilization, optimize inventory, streamline product configuration and manufacturing processes. The overall result is minimized costs and improved productivity that ensures the supply chain is able to meet fulfillment targets as per schedule and customer expectations.

Some of the main benefits include:

   Complete ‘Procure-to-Pay’ Functionality
   Real-time Customer/ Supplier Collaboration
   Improved Planning & Fulfillment Mechanisms
   Efficient Communication Channels
   Effective Resource Utilization
   Improved Supply Chain Intelligence
   Reduced Costs on Inventory
   Enhanced Product/ Production Interface
   Workflow-based Portals
   Extensive Forecasting and Reporting

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