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iSMARTS/axis Supplier Management provides the ability to establish streamlined supply chain processes that truly enable the ‘procure-to-pay’, ‘plan-to-produce’ and ‘order-to-receive’ functionality in your organization. iSMARTS/axis supply chain solutions helps find new opportunities for cost reduction, process improvisation and intelligent fulfillment. iSMARTS solutions help to introduce efficiency and collaboration in the supply chain for achieving improved customer/ supplier interactions, enhanced procurement, optimized inventory and flexibility & support for global business processes.

The solution encompasses wide range of functions for managing diverse needs of suppliers and is built on robust platform that ensures high performance and scalability.

The solution can be configured for multi-level authorization workflow process for various transactions based on different parameters such as transaction amount, currency and expense types.

iSMARTS/axis Procure to Pay provides workflow features for registering or on-boarding a vendor. The vendor workflow includes routing to different users involved in approving the vendor till on-boarding. The registered or on-boarded vendors can then start fulfilling the purchase requirements of buyers.

The iSMARTS/axis Procure to Pay is built on robust J2EE architecture and is highly scalable. It can be deployed on popular platforms and extended to scale up to the customer’s current and future requirements.

It supports modular implementation that helps corporate maximize returns from existing investments.

The solution can be configured for high performance and handles large transaction volumes and can be scaled up to meet future business growth.

Distributed component based architecture enables rapid global implementations in single or multiple sites with custom configurations as required by business needs.

The iSMARTS/axis Procure to Pay supports

   Standard Operating Systems
   Standard 128 Bit Browsers
   J2EE Compliant Application Servers
   Relational Database
   Certification Authorities

Some of the main features and benefits include:

   Provide multilevel approval workflow, group hierarchy, executive reporting and business        analytics
   Expedite the procurement process
   Implement paperless office by eliminating the use of paper based procurement process
   Collaborate with vendors
   Ability to rate vendors based on different parameters like delivery time, rates, etc.
   Register new vendors and on-board trusted vendors
   Track the workflow for a particular transaction
   Route the transaction to another user, in absence of a user to ensure that the task is not        delayed
   Faster processing of payments by sending invoices data to external financial applications.
   Integrate with corporate directory for user authentication
   Integrate with two factor authentication (2FA) for authenticating vendors
   Control the access to transactions based on role based access control for users
   Auto routing of transactions to relevant users for the procurement / contract management               workflow
   Provide highest level of security by segregating transactions belonging to different vendors
   Limiting the size of uploaded documents
   Restricting upload of malicious documents

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